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Application Dependency Mapping Software

 Change is constant.  In order to quickly identify and assess the impact of programming changes on people, processes and systems throughout an organization, we have developed an automated dependency mapping tool to assist our clients in conducting a thorough analysis.  GxMaps is intended to find and analyze the impact of changes in a particular code repository, which includes documents in different programming languages that reside in a separate code environment.    This tool can be used for both reverse and forward engineering purposes in multiple programming languages.


Key Features:

  • Agile system and business impact analysis increases overall speed to market.
  • Up to 80% efficiency gains from traditional manual based methodology. 
  • Highly complex and complete bottom-up parsing/analysis of the code base, as opposed to a top-down approach which could miss many critical elements.
  • End-to-end traceability and ability to perform scenario-based simulations of changes to the code base to see how the changes could potentially change the system.
  • Easy-to-use GUI interface, as opposed to a cryptic hard-to-use interface.  The GUI system is highly intuitive, and developers do not need to hunt for results.  Users can click links within the GUI to navigate directly from a use case, test case, or business rule, directly to the code it relates to and vice versa.
  • Test case generation as part of the factory service; most are automatically generated and only require SME validation.
  • Targeted complexity & risk analysis allows for efficiency in making key decisions which impact an organization on a daily basis.
  • GxMaps are used to search and identify impacted high-level use cases, transaction / screen flows, code, data elements, files and other technical assets across the enterprise.
  • Impact assessment will drive comprehensiveness of requirements and design.
  • Impact assessment will provide guidance for targeted regression analysis and test / code coverage metrics including risk assessment associated with any change.
  • GxMaps will help in prioritization of deliverables to eliminate unintentional impact.


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