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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Solutions

Fast and flexible.  We get it – An organization invests in software and systems but is just unable to make them work together.  Most businesses adopted software solutions early and often, ensuring market presence and hoping to gain a competitive edge. These legacy solutions, either packaged or custom-built to meet specific organizational needs in the past, are still viable when implemented individually; however, they create islands of information.  In fact, in most cases, each solution produces redundant information, which successively creates inconsistent data across the enterprise. Systems Integration poses major challenges for organizations that want to optimize critical workflow processes by integrating disparate applications spread across the Enterprise.

At GalaxE.Solutions, we have expertise in achieving goals of EAI using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We include existing IT assets in the SOA framework to minimize disruption and cost, and to ensure that existing IT assets are reused.  With more efficient and accurate systems, organizations can respond faster to changes in the market and increase overall client satisfaction.

To GalaxE.Solutions, integration is not just about facilitating connectivity - it's about building an agile and flexible enterprise system that responds in real time to critical business requirements.


  • Application Integration
  • Business Process Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Platform Integration
  • Component Integration

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