Complete Infastructure Optics

GxInfra™ is a full-scale, end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security.


Visibility and clarity on every network connected device


Automated software collection appliances


Compliance and governance standards covered

Globally Implemented at Fortune 20 Organizations

Providing full visibility of assets and data center infrastructure management
Product and Managed Services for
  • Comprehensive automated review and analysis of large enterprise systems
  • Analysis data is used for
    • Documenting systems
    • Performance troubleshooting
    • Compliance assessment
    • Remediation plan and roadmap
    • Steady-state confirmation
  • Cross platform functionality
  • L2 & L3 network diagram, complete with single points of failure and choke points
  • Network optimization and benchmarking to draw on regional architecture and DCIM metrics for a comparison and rating
  • AI and ML technology enables a reduction in human error
  • Fully-automated response to incident mitigation and security remediation allows for fast response times for detection and isolation
  • Allows your network to protect itself without the dependability on human intervention
  • Partnerships established documentation: fully determined and deployed within multiple healthcare and financial institutions
  • Intellectual property is in our personnel and practice SME’s, who have developed our comprehensive approach to DCIM and CyberSecurity
  • Reduces dependence on tribal knowledge with automated documentation service
  • Elevates role of service provider staff to scientists, decision makers, advisors, and very often stewards of key business info, provider of best practices and factory environments
  • Reduces headcount, time, cost of delivering: troubleshooting, major changes, risky changes, re-platforming, and M&A